Public relations in marketing

Maintaining proper relations between the public and the business is good for prosperity. This is an asset to the company which can be translated to goodwill. The company is liked not only for its products but also for how it reaches out to customers and treats them. Such relations ensure that promotional products are accepted and integrated into their consumption patterns.

Objectives of public relations in marketing

1. Customer retention

Competition is what keeps firms on their toes. Once a firm has done all that pertains promotion of the various products, it is up to them to keep their customers close through public relations. Consumers are able to relate with a company that treats them fairly.

2. Optimal satisfaction

The aim of a consumer when purchasing a particular product is to derive satisfaction. There are instances when consumers need the assurance of the company on price fluctuations or product substitutes. By relaying this message to the consumers, they achieve full utility which breeds loyalty.

Forms of public relations

1. Press releases

A company that first calls for a press release before launching a new product is highly valued by its customers. They tend to attend these meetings and are the first people to market the product even before the product fully hits the shelves.

2. Employee relations

To ensure optimality in any work setting, employees must be motivated stakeholders. Provision of incentives to employees ensures that they work harder. Also, by involving them in decision making and sharing the vision of the company, they are able to take up the mantle and seek to see the company grow. They are the same people who will tell their friends and family of the amazing products they possess.

3. Community relations

The community surrounding any business is a building block. Proper relations with the community means engaging them in some of the decisions you make that might affect them as well. As a result, in the event that you need to increase awareness through promotional products, they are the people who will readily provide their labour to your course.

4. Newsletters

This is a way to communicate with customers and to provide them with essential information on new products and new initiatives that the company wishes to undertake. These updates aid to cement the trust and relationship that customers have built with the company.